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Lijiang Tour To Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang Yunnan

This mountain lies to the north of Yulong County. It is a famous branch of the Western Yunling Mountains, extending 35 kilometers from south to north and 25 kilometers from east to west. It has 13 peaks, the highest of which, Shanzidou, is 5,596 meters above sea level. This mountain, lofty tall, stands on the east of the Jinsha River and looks like a jade pillar supporting the sky. It is snow-capped all the year round. The main peak has a silhouette shaped like a dragon's head while the other peaks linked with each other follow in a line, as if a transparent jade dragon lying on the top. Hence, the mountain is named Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

The Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the southernmost low-latitude modern glacier in the Northern Hemisphere and the highest peak south of the Yangtze River. Valuable plants such as trees, rare herbs, and flowers grow at different altitudes on the mountain's slopes. Many famous flowers such as azalea, primrose, orchid, and herbal medicines are found in this area. From the bottom to the Lop, there are more than 20 forest clusters inhabited by a wide variety of' birds and animals. Among them are more than 23 key animal species under state protection.

The landscape of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is unique and beautiful, taking on a variety of forms. It can be classified into four kinds: snow, spring, forest, and meadow landscapes. Scenic spots include the Dried River Bed. Leech Flatland, Remains of the Ancient Glacier, Yunshan Ping (the Spruce Level Ground), Yak Level Ground, Baishui River, Jade Pillar Supporting the Sky, and Reflections in Jade Lake. Xu Xiake travelled here and gasped in admiration upon seeing the mountain. Since the early 20th century, explorers and botanists from home and abroad had also left their footprints here. Two of the most famous were Dr. Joseph Rock, an American-Austrian botanist, and Peter Goullart, a Russian explorer.

The Jade Snow Mountain has been a holy mountain in the heart of Naxi people since the ancient time. Pi Luoge, the king of Nanzhao Kingdom, followed the example set by central China's Emperors and designated five mountains as sacred peaks. As one of these five mountains, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is called the North Mountain. In the Yuan Dynasty Kublai Khan called it the "Emperor King of Holy Icy Stone Bringing Peace and Stability to the Country". Since the Ming Dynasty, Naxi people have regarded the mountain as their patron god "Sanduo" and worshipped it.

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