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Dali Tour To Three Pagodas And Chongsheng Temple

Three Pagodas in Dali CityChongsheng Temple lies northwest of the Ancient Town of Dali. The original temple, which was named the "Tianlong Temple", has been ruined. The only remains from that are the Three Pagodas.

The major pagoda, also named Qianxun Pagoda, was built in the Tang Dynasty. It is a dense eave hollow brick tower of 16 stories and 69. 13 meters in height. The other two smaller pagodas, each of which has a distance of 70 meters from the major one, stand in the southwest and northwest, facing each other forming a tripod together with Qianxun Pagoda. Built during the Five Dynasties, these two are dense-eave octagonal 42-meter or ten story-high brick towers. The Three Pagodas, standing like three legs of a tripod, have withstood more than 10 earthquakes and thousand years of wind and severe weather and can rightly be seen as architectural wonders. Being the most spectacular pagoda complex in south China, the Three Pagodas are a good reflection of Dali culture. In 1961 it was designated a key cultural and historical relic under state protection. In 1978, during the renovation, 618 pieces of cultural relics were excavated, including the Buddha statues, Buddhist scriptures and pestle of the Buddha's warrior attendant. Among these relics, the most precious is the gold-plated statue of Acuoyie Goddess of Mercy, which weighs 1 ,135 grams and is 28 centimeters high.

The Three Pagodas is a key spot of Dali National Scenic Area and 4A national tourist attraction. In 1997 the Nanzhao Jianji Bell was recast and then struck on July l, 1997 to mark the reunification of Hong Kong and China. The newly cast bell is 3. 86 meters high and weighs 16 tons. XuXiake, in his travel notes, described the original bell like this: "This bell is extremely large, about one Zhang (a unit of length equals 3. 3 meters) in diameter, nearly one Chi (a unit of length equals 0. 33 meters) thick, and its sound reaches 18 Li (a Chinese unit of length equals 500 meters)." In 1999, when Macao was returned to China, the Bronze Rain Statue of the Goddess of Mercy was recast and the Hall of the Goddess of Mercy was rebuilt to store it. The Bronze Statue of the Goddess of Mercy is 8.2 meters high and weighs 11 tons. On the second flour of the hall, the eye-catching imitations of the two treasured scroll paintings named "Picture Record of nanzhao Kingdom" and "Buddhist Picture Scroll Painting by Zhang Shengwen" are hung on each side of the wall reflecting the historical and religious culture of the mysterious Kingdom of Dali.

Chongsheng Temple

Three Pagodas DaliChongsheng Temple was first built in the mid to late stages of Nanzhao Kingdom when Buddhism began to flourish. According to historical record, Chongsheng Temple "covered an area of 7 square li, had three pavilions, seven towers and nine halls. 890 rooms and 11, 400 Buddha statues". During Dali Kingdom, nine of its kings abdicated in succession and became abbots in this temple. Thus Dali was known at that time as " the Kingdom of Buddhism" or "Miaoxiang Kingdom (the Kingdom of Buddhist Sutra)", while the splendid imperial Chongsheng Temple was renowned as " Capital of Buddhism" and became the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. The grand and splendid scene of this temple has been described by Xu Xiake, a famous traveler of the Ming Dynasty, in his travelogue about Dali.
The temple was destroyed in the wars during the Qing Dynasty. Only the three pagodas survived. The Dali local government had been trying to rebuild Chongsheng Temple so the pagodas would no longer be without a temple. The enormous project of rebuilding Chongsheng Temple got started after the recasting of the Jianji Bell and the rebuilding of the Hall of the Bronze Rain Statue of the Goddess of Mercy. The construction work was completed in 2005, and on July 12, 2006, a big Kaiguang Buddhist ceremony was held in Chongsheng Temple to unveil and bless the temple.

The newly built Chongsheng Temple covers an area of 40 hectares. It is arranged along a main axis and two auxiliary axes. Lying in proper order along the main axis are the Gate to the Temple, Heavenly Kings, Maitreya, Eleven-faced Goddess of Mercy, and Great Hero Halls, the Pavilion of Achuoyie Goddess of Mercy, Mountain-Lake Grand View Stone Archway, and the Lake Viewing Tower. Along the two auxiliary axes are Arhat, Eminent Monks (the nine kings who became monks), Founders (six founders of the Zen sect), and Heavenly Kings Halls, and Institute of Buddhism.

The restored Chongsheng Temple has many "bests" among the temples in modern China. Its 4 kilometer-long axis is the longest of any temple axis in China; the Hall of the Great Hero of the temple, at 51. 7 meters wide and 26 meters high, is the largest Buddhist hall of its kind in China. It has the largest number of gilded Buddha images, based on "Zhang Shengwen Scroll Painting". The temple also has 500 statues from Kunming's Bamboo Temple. Its 599 Buddha images are all gilded bronze. The woodcarving on the walls of its Hall of the Great Hero, the "Zhang Shengwen Scroll Painting", is 117 meters long and 18 meters high, the largest one of its kind in the world. The pestle of Buddha's warrior attendant in this temple, which is 6 meters long and I meter in diameter, is the largest pestle in the world. Finally, the drum in its drum tower, which is 3.1meters in diameter, is the largest drum in Chinese Buddhist temples.

1 Day Private Yunnan Dali Tour To Three Pagodas, Xizhou Village, Dali Old Town, Erhai Lake


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