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Dali Tour To Cangshan Mountain

Cangshan Mountain in Dali of Yunnan China
Cangshan Mountain
Cangshan Mountain Dali, Yunnan

Cangshan Mountain is a highlight of the Hengduan Mountain range. It consists of 19 peaks, steep and high, which together form a long and rugged screen. Malong Peak, 4,122 meters above sea level, is Cangshan Mountain's highest peak and is covered by snow all the year round. Between the peaks are streams rushing down westward, forming splashing waterfalls and overlapping springs, and finally emptying into Erhai Lake. These streams constitute the famous "18 creeks of Cangshan Mountain". Cangshan Mountain is known for its clouds, snow, springs, marble, and flowers. "Jade Belt Clouds", "Husband-Expecting cloud" and marble are quite unique. In the mountain there is abundant flora, such as Yunnan spruce, camellias, azaleas, and orchids. Around the mountain you can visit attractions such as Dali Ancient Town, Chongsheng Temple, The Three Pagodas and Butterfly Spring Park.

Dali tours to Cangshan Mountain

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