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DukezongThe initial name for the ancient city of Shangri-La is Dukezong, located in the southeast corner of Shangri-La County. Tang Yifeng, tune dew period (AD 676-679), the soil here in the Great Turtle Fan establish hill top Fortress, the name Dukezong, a Tibetan pronunciation contains two meanings, one is built on stone Castle and the other as moonlight City. Later, the old city is surrounded by Fortress built on the hilltop. And this is echoed in the breast river hill top established Reunion cases, meaning Solar City, Shangri-La trips to the Fortress has not, on the site is a White Tower.

Resources in Tibetan, Shambhala is a mystery hidden in the snow in the kingdom, junior residents do not perform, no fans, no desire, ancient sacred king, for the future of the world conscience and save the vital forces of civilization. But not ordinary people can freely arrived at Shambhala, in order to enter Shambhala, Walker subject to spiritual practice. Once in Shambhala, you can see snow-capped mountains surrounded by around twofold, as eight lotus. Shambhala residents rich and happy, like follow the wisdom of life. The ancient city built by the mountain, undulating road, it is a few years old on the old stone-paved natural terrain, so far, the remains of stone on the road marks going deep, then it is time to leave the caravan a keepsake.

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