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Home >> Xiushan Hill travel information and trip

Xiushan Hill

Xiushan HillLocated south of Xiushan Hill Tonghai, known as show Konan Yunnan in the world. According to legend, the king of Han Cho sentence no standing wave this provision mountains, built temples, vertical garden pavilion. After thousands of years of ancient repairs expansion, and gradually become famous far and wide to visit.

Xiushan Hill history and culture of South Park is located in Yunnan, was founded in 82 BC, the Emperor Han Zhao Yuan beginning five years, dating back 2,000 years; massive built in the Tang Dynasty, after the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing, the formation of a large-scale , magnificent, seven different styles of ancient buildings. Xiushan Hill total area of 1.55 million square meters, an area of ancient buildings over 50,000 square meters, hanging over the inner plaque inscribed famous ancient poets, together, monument, carved a total of 250 blocks, known as plaque mountain MINUSTAH. Yunnan travel to Xiushan Hill renowned for their small size, concentrated Yuqing Xiu famous, forest coverage is 94.2%, the plant is rich in resources, has kept the integrity of the original communities in the state. Xiushan Hill historically been on Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism activities resort, when the Ming Dynasty is one of the four famous mountains of Yunnan, known as show Konan Yunnan in the world. Xiushan Hill financial history and culture, rich in religious practices, rich cultural landscape and beautiful natural landscape as a whole, Xiushan Hill Yongjin Song Temple Court building and a number of ancient buildings Cooper, inscriptions Couplet, with a high scientific value and artistic value.

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