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Home >> Longquan Forest Park tourist information

Longquan Forest Park

Longquan Forest ParkLongquan Park is located Zhaobishan mountainside, three kilometers away from the city in Xinping County, the park Buddhism, Taoism temples in groups, tree Maolin deep Zhaobishan Mopanshan Mountain Range, the Yi language called ho some white, mountains, springs, Yi Hao some language called Dragon, is the old witch of Yi Shuai (Department mother woman) who worship places. According to legend, the Yuan Dynasty, the Dragon and its nearby city, is the summer of the King of Liang. Qing Dynasty, the temple built here called Longquan Temple. The temple has three main hall tile building with around accompany ear, Dianqian hatchback has room six, Temple hospital in a pool, the pool has a pair of rhinos lying wave pool outside a hexagonal pavilion. Eve of the founding, Longquan Temple because of disrepair, and more Yunnan trips have been collapsed.

After the reconstruction of Longquan park covers 73.3 hectares, is the county suburb of Forest Park, is a pleasure to watch, vacation in one of the scenic tourist destination. After five kilometers of paved road up the mountain, walk two kilometers from the foot of the winding stone steps winding on, Longquan Park was built in the main hall as the center of the cover 67 mountain attractions.

Longquan Temple Pavilion possession of the most profound historical and cultural connotations. Most notably the famous Ming Ming Deng Zilong drum camp established monument, Zeng praised the Kangxi era monument Temple, Confucius praised the monument, the original offer leather stand disadvantages monument Lance sprinkle Town areca garden, since the county built on natural disasters record monument more than 30 blocks of the monument, where the monument before the Qing Dynasty had more than 10 blocks.

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