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Home >> Huilong Ecological Park tour information

Huilong Ecological Park

Huilong Ecological ParkYuxi Huilong Ecological Park is located in the first village in Yunnan Yuxi City Camp Street, is a water sports, air sports, sports, leisure, vacation, meeting an emerging theme of leisure. Yuxi Huilong Ecological Park with a total investment of a billion dollars, covers an area of 200,000 square meters. Huilong Ecological Park offers large, small meeting rooms, multi-purpose hall, the park can be parked more than 400 vehicles.

Huilong eco-tourism park is green recreational park, with water sports (indoor and outdoor) grass, indoor spa, rainbow coaster, jumping frog, water bumper boats, restaurants and accommodation facilities, the facilities species diversity in today's unique in the entertainment industry.

Huilong Ecological Park Hot Springs has a size sixteen, from more than 2000 meters deep underground water, tested eight targets to achieve national health indicators of water, have health effects on a variety of diseases. Eco-tourism park with hot and cold two Seisensui, via Yunnan tour package of Geological Survey and Design Institute of detection, water quality ingredients are eight countries have reached or exceeded the national health standard mineral water, the water temperature is higher than the temperature of the body to produce energy for the body to promote blood circulation strengthen the body metabolism, improve patient psychological effect, play a therapeutic effect. A diuretic and treatment of edema effect. Rich variety of substances in water: fluorine, bromine, iodine, strontium, manganese, metaborate be absorbed through the skin into the body, to calm the nerves, the treatment of cardiovascular disease brain, plays a unique physiological function and biochemical effects and health effects.

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