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Home >> Dai Park travel information and tour

Dai Park

Dai ParkPark is located in China's Yunnan Xishuangbanna Dai Ganlanba. There are scenic and best preserved of the five natural Dai villages, covers an area of 3.36 square kilometers, completed in three phases. The first phase has been completed land acquisition, road construction, tourism and shopping district groundwater pipes, wires and other buried infrastructure, built a scenic gate building, Welcome Plaza, the old scenic packaging, village tours, riverside activity area, tourist shopping areas, barbecue sites, splashing Square, a large open-air theater. Has opened its doors August 1, 1999. Dai Park Phase II project will be built folk tourist resort, a large amusement park.

Dai Park will be the main area by the Man (bamboo sets Village), Man Spring (Garden Village), Man Chad (Cook Village), Manga (fair Village), Man listening (palace garden Village) five best-preserved natural Dai villages with a total of 326 villagers, 1536 people.

Xishuangbanna trips to Dai Park is the soul, is the only showcase Dai history, culture, religion, sports, architecture, customs, clothing, food, and living as one of the folk eco-tourism boutique area in Xishuangbanna. Here blocks of chic Daijiazhulou and Buddhist pagodas nestled in greenery, it reveals a natural, simple, quiet. Bamboo planted around the banana, mango, litchi, wooden milk fruit, papaya and other tropical fruits, as well as tall coconut trees, Bayeux and slim areca palm, the Daijiazhulou dressed exceptionally enchanting. The high overlooking the park's five Dai Village, seems to be a huge and beautiful green peacock-like tail coverage, could not see the village and bamboo, and only clearly visible on the right and left of the Lancang River water too long lake, by hiking, to recognize the true face.

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