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Home >> Lijiang Old Town sightseeing tours

Lijiang Old Town

Lijiang Old TownLijiang Old Town is located in Lijiang Dayan Town, under the central Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain Dam, north of Xiangshan, Jinhong Mountain West pillow Lion, southeast facing dozens of fertile farmland. 2400 meters above sea level, is the Civil Administration and the Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County seat, is a national historical and cultural city, the world's cultural heritage. In the ancient city of Jiangnan like beauty, layout and architectural style features unique style, known as the Venice of the East, Suzhou plateau and so on.

Lijiang tour to Old Town was built in the Southern Song Dynasty, dating back about 800 years of history. Northwest Yunnan ages are political, military town and Naxi, Han, Tibetan and other ethnic, economic and cultural exchanges between the hub. The early Yuan Dynasty, Kublai Khan Nanzheng Dali, Lijiang Phascolosoma crossing into the Jinsha River, who took steps to train troops in the city area, still leaves many related Naxi language names. The early Yuan Dynasty, ancient city residents have at least a thousand households, the early Ming, the ancient city street construction and fair trade has taken shape, to the late Ming has shown prosperity.

Lijiang Old Town is a larger plateau town. Because of the ancient city in Yunnan Kang Tibetan transportation hub, is the history of the city of Tea-Horse Road. Since the early generations of light leaves, gathered in business travel, and the brightest caravan exchanges continued, Dayan Ancient Town has become an important transit point for trade. Muli, a source of salt, Yongning, Shimonoseki, Dali, Vesey and Zhongdian, Lhasa and other merchants gathered here to exchange a variety of local products and daily necessities, who became an important town in India Mainland accessible. Dayan Town House era in the soil do not build walls, surrounded by mountains as a natural barrier.

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