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Home >> Locke Former Residence travel information and tours

Locke Former Residence

Locke Former ResidenceAt a distance of ten miles north of the Old Town of Lijiang Snow Song Yuhu village administrative villages, then to the village where Locke former residence. 1922, American Austrians Joseph Locke (1884-1962), the United States, National Geographic explorer, writer, photographer and other identity, from the Thai-Myanmar border into China, Yunnan, and then removed from southern Yunnan Simao Northwest Yunnan Lijiang, Yulong since lived in the next 27 years, most of the time lived in the village of Yuhu snow song.

Locke former residence in a Naxi-style courtyard. There are two-story house, Lijiang tours is now on display Locke deeds exhibition, which displays some of the photos and captions. . Locke lived on the second floor is a bedroom for 27 years.

Locke to Yuhu Snow Village Song stronghold in northwestern Yunnan collected tens of thousands of plant specimens and a lot of seeds, shooting thousands of pieces of rare photographs of plants and customs, while the translation of hundreds of the Dongba scriptures, described the chopsticks Southwest China Naxi ancient kingdom , Naxi language English Encyclopedia and other great works, so that anthropologists themselves into the botanist. His knowledge of the expedition and a steady stream of returning American precious photos, very influential in the National Geographic Magazine published.

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