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Home >> Dongchuan Red Land travel guide and tours

Dongchuan Red Land

Dongchuan Red LandThis is a spectacular piece of land, in addition to being experts believe that the world outside of Rio de Janeiro's most imposing red land. Went Dongchuan, you will sigh between heaven and earth there is such strong colors. Bright and colorful, seems to burning eyes.

Kunming tour to Dongchuan Red Land which is located more than 40 kilometers southwest of San Tin, one called Stone Flower place (in the 109 km milestone), where the radius of hundreds in the region is the most concentrated on Yunnan laterite plateau, the most typical, the most characteristic Red Land, experts believe that the world outside Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in addition to the most imposing red land, and its scene even more magnificent than Brazil Red Land. At first glance that very level of color lines, you'll feel it too unreal beauty.

Looking ahead, the mountains and wilderness showing a piece of dark red, purple, red brick different red, a radius of hundreds of large and small hills, on the hillside, and potato canola flower blooming flowers warm, golden waves of grain in under the cool mountain breeze as Ariel-like roll, one green, one white, and one red, a layer of gold. Bright and strong color has spread to the horizon, seemingly casual, but the formation of such a pattern of colorful wonderland. From afar, as if God smear color, colorful dazzling, colorful and full, with beautiful lines, and outline was so thick and heavy.

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