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Home >> Yunnan Military Academy tourist information

Yunnan Military Academy

Yunnan Military AcademyLocated in the west of the city of Kunming Lake, here is the site of Yunnan Military Academy, founded in 1909, was originally the Qing army officer training in the new school, ending in 1928. Yunnan Military Academy is one of the military academies in China earlier, partly instructors are led by Sun Yat-League members, Yunnan academy became an important stronghold of the revolutionary forces. Military academy students and teachers play an important role in the later Xinhai "Chongjiu uprising" war to protect the country.

Existing academy's main building, is a traditional Chinese style cursory corner building soil, wood, stone structure building, simple and solemn. The site has been listed as a national heritage conservation units. This huge beige courtyard, is the main part of the Yunnan Kunming trips Military Academy preserved, which is under construction in 1907, the door is Gothic gatehouse, are Chinese and Western-style building, a symbol of be tolerant to diversity, extensively absorb the East-West military thought. Today's military academy, also preserved when the weapons used during the uprising, the walls of the academy students and teachers as well as its generous to die singing military songs. Cars instructors and singing: billowing clouds, feeling his wake a yellow lion, four hundred million compatriots, another rise as the Great Wall, the odd man in mainland China, and work to join the army, but with unity power, rotate the new universe. Even he, European and American oncoming quite fierce, but excel iron shoulder responsibility. Zhuang Zai China and China!

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