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Home >> Guishan Forest Park travel information and trip

Guishan Forest Park

Guishan Forest ParkGui Shan, located in Shilin County, due to the magnificent mountains show dangerous if large turtle-shaped bulge in the back and the name Old Turtle, after the transliterated as old Guishan, Yi said, Construction Bow Mar meaning Dayan mountain, 2601 meters above sea level, north to south and 14 km wide and 10 km, with a total area of 3206 hectares, the Department of Yunling mountains mountains, to the foot of the relative height of 981 meters, is the tallest mountain in the county. Guishan vast woodlands, Hao Han vast, magnificent, approved by the State Forestry Administration on December 28, 2000, as a national forest park.

Guishan widely distributed in ancient soluble carbonate sedimentary rocks, limestone development of typical karst formations. Kunming tour package to Peaks, caves, the water around the funnel for its unique landscapes. Choi wall, Ferris rock in woodlands hidden when its pink, black and white cliffs hundreds of feet high, standing majestically. Gui Shan mountains, dense forests, good forest ecological environment, is the natural habitat of wild animals, mainly wild animals: pangolin, civet cats, muntjac, eagles, starlings, pheasants, thrushes, woodpeckers, Lady Amherst Pheasant, magpies, rabbits section nine Ling, squirrels, toad and bamboo standard, green snakes, lizards and so on.

Guishan located in a multi-ethnic place, Miao, Yi branch of the Sani, black Yi, Bai Yi, Yi Qing and Han people here, each nation has its own long history and colorful culture and customs of the people valley, together constitute the Guishan area sources of long, beautiful river scene in style. Gui Mountain National Forest Park is not only the diversity of forest vegetation, a variety of wild animals, and has a unique culture, rich ethnic customs and religious culture, history or Revolution memorial, karst has added to its bizarre landscape , is the ideal place for the modern leisure and eco-tourism.

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