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Home >> Dadieshui Waterfall travel information and tour

Dadieshui Waterfall

Dadieshui WaterfallFrom Shilin county line about 25 km ride to the southwest, to the stack station, can go walking along the mountain road, about 2 to 3 km, to reach the end of Qing, spectacular waterfalls will be presented in front of you, this is the famous Yunnan Road South fold shui waterfall.

Pakistani rivers flow here, after a fault, the river begins cliff drops down to form more than 20 meters wide and up to 120 meters (say about 90 meters) of large fold shui waterfall. Here the river flows to step off the rock, cliff steeply up baizhang, water ran down from the cliff down, skip Triassic rocks dumped into the lake bottom of the cliff. Due to a huge head, roaring when provoked fall vibroacoustic valley, forming a fold shui spray Xia natural wonders. Large fold shui waterfall drop 88 meters, 30 meters wide, is the largest waterfall in Yunnan. Sunlight into a rainbow mist, multicolored exclusion of Fun, and rock amidst matched, the sceneryfor Kunming travel is very charming. Under the waterfall formed by the River Tam, shimmering bright, crystal clear, can be recreational play, is a good place for people to relax.

If visitors feel intolerable heat, you can close the river bank in front of the waterfall, without a few minutes, it will drenched. If Qiayu after the rain, mist residual hillside, Yaqian mist of confusion, according to the early sun, before waterfall, mountain side, both the current color, form the double rainbow after the rain spectacle.

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