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Home >> Zhu Garden travel guide and tour

Zhu Garden

Zhu GardenZhu Garden is located in the urban construction Jianshui New Street, is a huge group of residential buildings in the Qing Dynasty, has a reputation for Southern Yunnan tour to Jianshui Grand View Garden. Zhu Garden was built in the Qing dynasty, Zhu Wei Qing water Fusion brothers built. Yunnan Province in 1987 announced as conservation units.

Zhu Garden of the whole building look northward, covering over 20,000 square meters, construction area of over 5000 square meters, the main building is divided into two parts, residential and shrine for the four vertical and three horizontal water typical residential building construction. Courtyard layer out, namely the size of the patio 42, garden hall layout properly, rich space landscape level, the city became the construction of water melting of ancient buildings and gardens in one of the resort.

Zhu Garden was built water precious historical and cultural heritage buildings, architectural and local Han Chinese ethnic minorities product of the combination of architectural art. Sculpture and painting techniques to absorb the contents and ethnic minorities, adding features. Zhu Garden attaches great importance to the construction of residence in harmony with the local natural environment and integration. Garden planted with bamboo flower day, has a lotus pond fish, retain paddy fields, so live into the south of Yangtze River scenery. Water stage to make the audience feel fresh air. Adds over 40 patio lighting surface. Elaborately carved doors, content diversity, not only conducive to ventilation, but also makes people feel beautiful. Room beds, tables, chairs, stools and so is the purple wood, is a manifestation of the Qing Dynasty style.

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