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Home >> Double Dragon Bridge sightseeing and tour

Double Dragon Bridge

Double Dragon BridgeDouble Dragon bridge is located on the construction of water three kilometers west of Lu River and Red River collapsed due to two rivers meandering as a dragon, hence the name, commonly known as Seventeen-Arch Bridge, is a three-hole Club seventeen stone arch bridge, 148 meters long, 3-8 meters wide, is one of the famous monuments of Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province is considered the largest and highest artistic value of a porous even arch bridge-building has been included in Chinese history.

Bridge has three cornices loft, floor and flat, Bridge House matched, a splendid sight, after the history of bridge-building precious masterpiece. Smaller ends of the attic, a large and spectacular center, known as the southern Yunnan Daguanlou said.

The northern end of the bridge was built three holes Qianlong, Daoguang nineteen years (1839) continued construction of 14 holes are connected, it is also known as the 17-hole bridge. A total length of 153 meters, 3 meters wide, all with flat chisel was 500 stone inlay puzzle. The southern end of the bridge there is a double eaves eight - sided Qiaoting, matched with the pavilion. Only the first three holes to build a bridge opening, and later because of the collapse of the red, Yunnan Jianshui tours to Lu Jiang two yearly flooding river, river increased, the three-hole bridge river solitary living, not across the strait. Therefore, future generations are building stone bridge 14 holes, three holes are connected with the original construction of the bridge end to end, and the bridge was built to fly cover the three formats attic, attic slightly smaller at both ends, a magnificent center, the southern Yunnan Daguanlou said. Double Dragon bridge afar, suddenly standing among Hirakawa, shaped like Po, into bridge, the bridge has a loft building in building, bridge building matched, a splendid sight, after all, in the history of bridge-building precious masterpiece, published in 1965 in Yunnan provincial cultural relics protection units.

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