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Home >> Tengchong International Golf Course tourist information

Tengchong International Golf Course

Tengchong International Golf CourseTengchong International Golf Course is located east of Highway Proton board market to Tengchong County, located in the Mid-Levels, cool, spring. Tengchong dormant volcano north zone, south of the North Sea wetlands east overlooking the majestic Mountain, the surrounding rich tourism resources, the environment pleasant, is a rare earth livable should travel destination.

Tengchong International Golf Course is a world-class 54-hole golf course, 18 holes each in each district. Tengchong International Golf Club East, West, each of the three 18-hole golf course financing rural type, grass type, slope type in one of the surrounding mountains and lush golf course, yard, affordable movement, wonderland surrounded. King retains the natural appearance of the terrain, and more use of natural rock formation, pine forests, lakes and other natural hazard become the fairway and the golf course landscape dotted.

The district court is the court in the most simple three course, the characteristics of the course is relatively flat, the distance is relatively short, relatively wide fairways, the main feature is the stadium open, Yunnan golf trips is more suitable for intermediate and professional enthusiasts, designers intent to fully stimulate amateur ball hand golf confidence and ambition. Eastern stadium pitches are three of the most scenic golf course, the golf course adjacent to the North Sea wetlands, forests and lush, the main characteristics of the stadium has a lot of water landscapes and pastoral landscapes, more suitable for beginner to intermediate enthusiasts. West End Stadium is a stadium in three of the most challenging golf course, the main feature is the steep course, extremely difficult, extremely challenging, more suitable for advanced and professional golf enthusiasts.

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