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Home >> Wuhua Floor travel guide and tour

Wuhua Floor

Wuhua FloorDali is located in the central part of the five House Dali, the ancient king of Nanzhao State Guesthouse, also known as streaky floor. Because of its grand scale, in Nanzhao, known as the first floor. Five House Guesthouse also as a history for several centuries. March 16 each year, during the king Nanzhao Nanzhao and Dali Kingdom of Dali Wang later will be in five Southwest House met various small monarch long, and some other important guests, thanks to the banquet dishes, playing Nanzhao and Dali music period. Ming Dynasty, five House has been burned in the war, Hongwu years, when the site is easy to rebuild Dali, Dali tours to the town's bell tower was renamed the five Wah House, but the scale pattern has been far less than the period of five Nanzhao Wah House. In 1862, the Qing magistrate also raise funds to rebuild five House.

Dali construction for all-green tile roof, is very quaint. In 1200 after years of vicissitudes of the ancient city center, four booths buttressing, a clear stream surrounded by great good structure is known as a fine Nanzhao and Dali country's history of five House. Ancient five House is the official gathering place to entertain guests, up to five, can accommodate people standing. But in the history of the five House burned down several times rebuilt again, through years of vicissitudes. Now five House is rebuilt in 1998, is a sophomore than ten meters four-storey building, the following layer of pedestal, top three for the floor. Fifth House is one of Dali's iconic, beautiful and magnificent people appreciated.

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