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Home >> Baotaishan Forest Park tour information

Baotaishan Forest Park

Baotaishan Forest ParkYongping Bao Taishan Forest Park is located in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture Yongping Bao Taishan site. Park East West on three sides with the golden temple experimental phase Nature Reserve, north of the county water vent Township border. Park from north to south with East West, four boundaries, a total area of 1047 ha park.

The original ecological park preserved, dense forest vegetation, abundant species resources, numerous monuments, beautiful natural landscape, with ancient, magical, spectacular and famous western Yunnan. The maximum elevation of 2913 meters, the minimum altitude of 1150 meters, vertical changes of climate, coupled with ancient origins, complex composition, forest vegetation has a significant feature of the transition from southern Yunnan tours to Dali to northwest, save a group of rare species, the province is a rare species gene library. Vegetation coverage area of up to 96.68%, a total of 1001 kinds of plants of various types, including: ferns 90 kinds of 22 families and 41 genera, 134 families of seed plants in 443 genera 911 kinds. Area often leopard, monkey, mountain donkeys, black bear, green peacock, pheasant, chicken and other exotic animals in Phoenix woodlands infested, according to incomplete statistics, only the inclusion of one or two national wildlife range reached 30 variety.

Ming Dynasty of ancient buildings in the region, Golden Temple was built in the Chongzhen reign (1628), building majestic simplicity, fine workmanship, the idea of Kit Kat, is extremely rare art treasures, known as western Yunnan spots, said. The temple has a lot of valuable existing literature, scriptures and art treasures, the study of the history of Buddhism in Yunnan important. Ming Dynasty famous geographer Xu had Chongzhen years (1639) traveled golden treasure Taishan Temple treasure sets for scenery, temples and pavilions for a detailed description of incisive and made more than to the province, namely smell the mountain Sheng in height comment.

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