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Home >> Lijiang >> Lugu Lake tourist information

Lugu Lake

Lugu LakeLugu Lake is located in the north of Lijiang, Yunnan Ninglang of Yongning Township and Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province, the left side of Wanshan leaves, Lugu Lake is a large village fell into the water is 73 km away from the city of Ninglang, about 200 km from the Old Town of Lijiang. Lugu Lake, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces boundary lakes. Total provinces of Sichuan and Yunnan, Sichuan accounts for about 1/3 of the total area, 2/3 of the total area of ??Yunnan Province, Yunnan, Sichuan, than the lake area, and long shoreline shore line than in Sichuan Yunnan accounted for about 2/3 . Lugu Lake area of ??over 50 square kilometers, 2690 meters above sea level, an average depth of 45 meters and a maximum depth of 93 meters, the transparency of up to 11 meters, maximum visibility of 12 meters, the water is clear and blue, is the highest lake in Yunnan, Yunnan is also the second deep freshwater lakes. The entire island, the three peninsula and a seawall tombolo lake and various forms of green jade.

Lugu Lake, known as "Pearl of the plateau". The Lake of the islands Tingtingyuli in, various shapes, lush forests, green and picturesque, and proximity to the meantime, forming clear as a mirror, algal blooms dotted the meantime, slowly glide in blue above of Zhu Caochuan and slowly floating in the water and sky between the Mosuo folk songs, to make it more to add a bit quaint, somewhat quiet, is a world away from the clamor City, uncontaminated virgin lake. In November 2009, the Lugu Lake scenic national tourist attractions A jury of experts assessed as AAAA level scenic spots, the Lugu Lake tickets at $ 100.

Lugu Lake LijiangLugu Lake in Yunnan border Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province, Lugu Lake Town, 258 km away from the Xichang City, like a spotless huge pearl inlaid in the country's southwest. Her picturesque scenery scenery, everlasting, exist independently of matriarchal legacy of folk Christianity "Noah's Ark", Lamaism struck the bell Drum, is as striking so many tourists sights piece mysterious land Lugu Lake, locally known as "Chanel microphone, which means sea, Lake mother bird's eye view from a height, such as the wings of swallows is the fourth largest in Yunnan, Sichuan, the largest natural freshwater lake, known as the" Pearl of the plateau . " Lake north-west, the magnificent Gorm mountain towering, that the Mosuo everyone whom worship personified Burlingame goddess. The southeast side of the lake, connected to the Caohai, rich pasture, cattle and sheep fat, shallow water dense reed wind waves, nest nest of flowers and fluttering in the breeze, every winter, swans, black-necked cranes and other rare tens of thousands of migratory birds habitat, adding to an angry, a kind of views. The lake, in the dense virgin forest, leopard, deer, deer, blue sheep, red panda, macaques, spotted antelope and other rare animals which come and go, giving a sort of fear, somewhat rustic charm. Lijiang tours to Lugu Lake criss-cross paths, pastoral hills, sunrise and sunset, the wood pile premises, smoke curl, the idyll Chen Chen, little fishing boat, Age A-mei, together hand in hand, a good pack of thousands of images farmer's farm , so that visitors restless. Living in the banks of Lugu Lake Mosuo, marriage is unique, unique customs, the Lord of every family, were female members of his family by blood, are matrilineal descent. Such as family members, grandparents, grandmother and their brothers and sisters, mother's generation only the mother, uncle and aunt. A portrait of the children of the marriage is said to go a married father of "Awa" or "Ada".

Mosuo people in Luguhu Lake, Yunnan LijiangLugu Lake in here, everything is so magical, so quaint, Cheng Ding ceremony, Assia marriage, matriarchal family, funeral, are unique. Each ritual, each customs, are a beautiful and moving story of a blend of support gifted young idyll, all full of air of mystery, a bit romantic, somewhat poetic, somewhat Painting, which gives a reverie Si Yi. Beauty more beautiful Lugu Lake mountains of water, in addition to the strange marriage customs, banks of Lugu Lake girl guy a unique clothing is remarkable. Lugu Lake is the daughter of the country, and the kingdom of song and dance, once set foot on this piece of land, visitors are all far and near for the lengthy numerous "Aha Bala moved, all the dragon scroll a twist of the temptation. See, that the distant drift to the Zhu Caochuan carrying Mei, waving to you, to put your throat: "Oh friends to go Mo Mei accompany you to moonset Xishantou. On this fertile land of Lugu Lake, the food culture of the people infected with a deep sense natural, simple features. Today, satisfied the Japanese diet staple or non-staple food, is mountain spring water, grass, nuts, whole grains for seasoning, artificial brewed from pickled, self-baked, self-boiled placed in the altar , put in the fire, the pot and then a few days, a few months until a few years before opening for food, for visitors from afar to taste, which is the Lugu Lake famous Zhu Biaorou in, Su Lima wine, sour fish, grilled fish dry, the Ngau Tau rice, pig intestines, blood meters. These cuisine, dizzying, food for thought.

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