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Yunnan tourist attractions

Nanyao Park (attractions-2-xishuangbanna) 2016-7-16
Three Parallel Rivers (attractions-2-lijiang) 2016-7-5
Confucious Temple (attractions-2-kunming) 2016-6-12
Benzilan (attractions-2-zhongdian) 2016-6-7
Ji Hongqiao (attractions-2-tengchong) 2016-4-30
Baocheng Mansion (attractions-2-dali) 2016-4-3
Peacock Lake (attractions-2-xishuangbanna) 2016-3-16
Thousand Turtle Hill (attractions-2-lijiang) 2016-3-11
Green Lake (attractions-2-kunming) 2016-2-10
Tengchong Museum (attractions-2-tengchong) 2016-1-9
Geothermal Garden (attractions-2-dali) 2016-1-2
Flying Temple (attractions-2-zhongdian) 2015-12-27
South Waxy Hill (attractions-2-xishuangbanna) 2015-12-17
Yulong Snow Mountain Ski Area (attractions-2-lijiang) 2015-12-7
Slate River (attractions-2-kunming) 2015-11-15
Bapai Huge Springs (attractions-2-tengchong) 2015-9-22
Erhai Park (attractions-2-dali) 2015-9-1
Haba Snow Mountain (attractions-2-zhongdian) 2015-7-23
Keno Cottage Scenic Area (sights2-xishuangbanna) 2015-6-10
Chenghai Lake (sights2-lijiang) 2015-5-27
Green Lake Park (sights2-kunming) 2015-5-20
Cascading River Waterfall (sights2-baoshan) 2015-5-11
Yunnan Golden Monkey National Park (sights2-zhongdian) 2015-4-29
Shuimu Mountain (sights2-dali) 2015-4-9
Olive Dam (sights2-xishuangbanna) 2015-3-30
Xinhua Street (sights2-lijiang) 2015-3-14
Jinmabiji Memorial Arch (sights2-kunming) 2015-3-7
Heshun Ancient Town (sights2-baoshan) 2015-3-2
Napa Lake (sights2-zhongdian) 2015-2-22
Mengle Cultural Park (sights2-xishuangbanna) 2015-1-29
Bolian SPA Hot Spring (sights2-kunming) 2015-1-24
Wenbi Mountain (sights2-lijiang) 2015-1-14
Cangshan Cableway (sights2-dali) 2015-1-7
Dongshan Park (sights2-linchang) 2014-12-12
Guangnan Lotus Lake (sights2-wenshan) 2014-11-13
Daguan Park (sights2-kunming) 2014-10-30
Liusuo (sights2-nujiang) 2014-10-16
Mojiang Sun Plaza (sights2-puer) 2014-10-9
Tuogu Mosque (sights2-zhaotong) 2014-9-29
Matou Mountain (sights2-yuxi) 2014-9-23
Nananni Hot Spring (sights2-xishuangbanna) 2014-9-17
Menghuan Shwedagon Pagoda (sights2-dehong) 2014-9-9
Kaiyuan South Cave (sights2-honghe) 2014-8-28
Jade Dragon Temple (sights2-chuxiong) 2014-8-21
Tengchong Museum (sights2-baoshan) 2014-8-10
Lijiang Paradise (sights2-lijiang) 2014-7-29
Tiger Leaping Gorge (sights2-zhongdian) 2014-7-23
Zhang Garden (sights2-dali) 2014-7-15
Junzishan Mountain (sights2-qujing) 2014-7-5
White Elephant Temple (sights2-lincang) 2014-7-1
Dawang Cliff Painting (sights2-wenshan) 2014-6-23
Qinglong Gorge (sights2-kunming) 2014-6-11
Wind and Snow Yakou (sights2-nujiang) 2014-5-30
Black River Forest Park (sights2-puer) 2014-5-22
Lijiang tour to Lugu Lake
Yunnan Dali tour to Erhai Lake
Dali tour to Yunnan Three Pagodas
Yunnan Dali tour to Cangshan Mountain
Lijiang tour to Jade Dragon Mountain
Shimen Impregnable Pass (sights2-zhaotong) 2014-5-16
Yuquan Temple (sights2-yuxi) 2014-5-8
Mengle Large Buddhist Temple (sights2-xishuangbanna) 2014-4-29
Kaibangya Lake Resort (sights2-dehong) 2014-4-23
Xuezheng Examination Shed (sights2-honghe) 2014-4-17
Yi Solar Calendars Cultural Park (sights2-chuxiong) 2014-4-9
Yuhuangge Pavilion (sights2-baoshan) 2014-3-31
Mopanshan National Forest Park (sights2-yuxi) 2014-3-27
Black Dragon Pool (sights2-lijiang) 2014-3-19
Pudacuo (sights2-zhongdian) 2014-3-15
Yindu Water Village (sights2-dali) 2014-3-11
Jiulong Waterfall (sights2-qujing) 2014-3-9
Jiguanshan Forest Park (sights2-wenshan) 2014-3-5
Taibao Mountain (sights2-baoshan) 2014-2-27
Wuchidao Scenic Area (sights2-zhaotong) 2014-2-25
Wuding Lion Mountain (sights2-chuxiong) 2014-2-22
Buyiji Deity Valley (sights2-puer) 2014-2-19
Bailong Cave (sights2) 2014-2-17
Zhongmian Friendship Street (sights2) 2014-2-13

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Kunming in beautiful mountains and rivers. Long history, numerous nationalities, the unique natural conditions, Kunming has left behind rich cultural relics and scenic spots. The main landscape including: Grand View Park, Yunnan Nationalities Village, temple; Xishan - Longmen, stone forest, bamboo temple, palace; Dianchi, Lou, Jiuxiang scenic area, the Expo Park; scenic area, scenic area, lake, Yuantong hill; Golden Temple scenic area, the Black dragon Pool in Kunming, Longwan jade, Yunnan military academy, jiaozi snow mountain.

Local characteristics: Kunming is a multi-ethnic city together. The" Torch Festival", the" March Street"," " Raosanling "," Dai" Water-Splashing Festival"," the festival" Miao, Lisu" Arbor Day" have long enjoyed a good reputation. Kunming place the variety, Dian opera, Kunqu Opera, folk songs and lantern, minority opera, folk narrative poems, folk tales, after hundreds of years of development and sound.

Products: food Kunming with ten names special flavor snack famous: rice noodles, dumplings, steamed buns, four buckwheat cake, dumpling, shepherd's purse he had dumplings, pot noodle, bean stew with rice, ham, rice, assorted cold rice noodle. Products to primrose, camellia, Dai bamboo, purple pottery, brocade, Rhododendron, Kunming ivory carving, woodcarving, jade jewelry and other famous.

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