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Home >> Flying Temple travel guide and tours

Flying Temple

Flying TempleFlying Temple is located in the village of Shizong County Long-warm beans in the southeast corner of the township positive B (also known as a positive one, the town of town) in the mountains. Domination of the mountain in the local mountain, towering, towering steep, magnificent. Jackwood lush mountains, black bamboo jungle, a verdant, fun-filled landscape; linger behind the ancient temple on the vine, like jade curtain hanging, leisurely shaking, beautiful.

Ten flying Temple built by the mountain, take the southeast towards the northwest, condescending, Nakai control pulse, overlooking the mountain village, from low to high along the central axis has a gate, SUN Dian son, Guan temple tide hall, set God, odd, dangerous, show, quiet, and spirit as a whole. The whole temple building covers an area of ??about 1,500 square meters, the level of scattered buildings, halls echoed with the house, rocks trees view vivid.

Cool flying temple, is the summer vacation, eliminate tired meditation, cultivate holy soul, but also men of letters poems, title together, painting nirvana. Visitors left hanging grace of God, grace remain throughout the East and West; in the people praying, blessing drop farming, home and Buddhist saints, and indeed of the land are empty, silent colorless and odorless; Southland multi Christie, namely This Foguangpuzhao, from south to north from office stuff couplets widespread.

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