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Home >> South Waxy Hill trips and travel guide

South Waxy Hill

South Waxy HillSouth waxy Mountain 26 km away from the city of Menghai, Lancang River in the West Bank since ancient times is the most famous ancient Dasan, important raw materials of high quality tea. South waxy Mountain is the earliest time to start growing tea has not test, but it is certain that until the Nanzhao period, Blang ancestors still such tea; later Blang evictions South waxy Hill, left Dasan loved TRINITY People inherit; Aini according to local human son Naming System can deduce that they have lived in South waxy Hill 57-58 generation has experienced some 1,100 years of time.

Long before the old Banpo Village surrounding dense forests, transportation is very convenient, tea Sinotrans rely caravan. Due to the excellent quality of local tea, a large number of caravan annual Lunar New Year in October after entering the village, the tea pack to Simao, Menghai, Mengla trafficking, etc., but also some large caravan tea will pack directly to Southeast Asia, many countries go a. South waxy Hill-old said: Although there are local Pu'er tea, but the taste is nowhere near South waxy Mountain Pu'er tea tree person is relying on South waxy Dasan tea, produced a famous high-tea of ??course. Pu'er tea has also led to the prosperity of the wealthy South waxy Hill.

South waxy camellia basic characteristics are: the longer the cable tight knot; a year of tea golden color, bright; soup quality than full; bitter sweet weak faster than the bitter astringency long duration, Yousheng Jin; aroma not display; mountain artistically better.

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