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Home >> Peacock Lake sightseeing information

Peacock Lake

Peacock LakePeacock Lake Jinghong Xishuangbanna is located in the city center, a collection Mans 5.2 km east of the original beauty and modern style in one of the ecological theme park, covering 18,700 square meters. The history of the lake resembles its peacocks and a peacock perched numerous and famous, has now been added later very ethnic characteristics of the pavilions and even more mysterious.

Peacock Lake and strategic location, pleasant climate. As is located in low latitude plateau region, strong direct sunlight, abundant rainfall, coupled with the scenic wooded, air humidity, so that the entire lake peacock in a shroud of smoke like a fairyland. Fresh air, and comfortable environment as well as rare treasures make Peacock lake has become a first choice for people to relax on vacation, summer to enjoy the cool air.

As an ecological theme park and the famous Peacock Lake, plant and animal species, and its rarity it is amazing. Peacock green, black bear, fox, wild boar, monkeys, pythons, starlings, thrushes and other rare animal indeed contend beasts, the lake and floral can be described as contests, southwest birch, mahogany Netherlands, Simao pine, oak thorn, toon, tower fan tree, Bauhinia, Ficus like burly guards guarding this holy peacock Lake. 64 villages hidden among trees and flowers, natural, beautiful legend to bring people living in the Peacock Lake to infinite hope. Fairyland Peacock lake as holy posture standing proudly in the Colorful Yunnan, so many tourists fascinated!

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