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Home >> Tengchong Museum travel information and tours

Tengchong Museum

Tengchong MuseumTengchong Volcanoes National Geological Park Museum built in 1998, completed in 1999, covers an area of 1,594.3 square meters, built so far received a total of 400,000 tourists trips. In 2003 it was named the Yunnan Provincial People's Government as "popular science education base in Yunnan." Science education needed, increase the development of tourism and tourists, popular science education base must be perfect facilities, re-building a new, larger museum. Museum exhibition is divided into indoor and outdoor exhibition in two parts, it covers an area of 300 acres.

Indoor exhibition building covers an area of 1,594.3 square meters, is divided into five parts: ¢Ù prehistoric Teng hall; ¢Ú volcanic spectacle hall; ¢Û knowledge volcano hall; ¢Ü resources development and utilization of the Office; ¢Ý dynamic auditorium. Indoor exhibition using sound, light, electricity and other modern means, for different ages, different geological formations, different shapes, different types of vegetation and other features, reproducing volcanic wonders, so that visitors feel, feel the volcanic eruption, scene geothermal formation, while For each volcano-round presentation, revealing volcanic eruption natural phenomena, popularize geological knowledge, so that people understand the impact of volcanic eruptions on human and natural environment.

Outdoor exhibition area of about 140,000 square meters. Outdoor exhibition arranged a number of volcanic features large objects, such as marble pillar section, will preserved Tengchong volcano area 23 are arranged in proportion to concentrate around the museum, introducing research value and endangered plants, such as Cyathea, ginkgo, bald fir, so as to enhance the expedition extension of the park. To enrich the geological data, volcanic kind to let people refreshing, so that visitors to fully understand the internal structure of the Earth, to enhance people's understanding of the earth, man and nature live in harmony, to achieve sustainable development.

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