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Home >> Bapai Huge Springs sightseeing and tour

Bapai Huge Springs

Bapai Huge SpringsTengchong South-South side has a beautiful Dai village, breeze blowing, the side came the sound of gurgling water, which is sent Huge dam spring. It is not only charming scenery, but also a rare cold hot springs, the water temperature reached 19.5, the outlet flow rate of 4-5 cubic meters per second. Huge Springs where a total of 56 springs, which are groundwater through volcanic rock edge crack baking overflow hole, which is the formation of low-temperature hot springs, even in winter, the water temperature is not significantly reduced the development of fruit, even in winter, the water temperature will not significantly reduce the is the ideal venue fruit development, farming.

Huge Springs Dam faction belonging to low-temperature hot springs, a constant temperature of 21 degrees taken disabilities, rich in geothermal Tengchong, can only be considered low-temperature hot springs. The spring flow is large, over 50 outlet, constant year-round water, spewing out four tons of water per second, this huge river spa, is rare. Send Huge dam spring water quality is good, water can be used directly for life. If more leisure time, may wish to sit in a Huge fountain of banana trees, water play, the way to the Dai people next to appropriate money to pay, you can pick them kind of green vegetables. You can wash dishes at the fountain, the moment at Dai delicious home made table; or put them into a food dish home cooking and enjoy the delicious cuisine ecology.

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