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Home >> Yulong Snow Mountain Ski Area sightseeing tours

Yulong Snow Mountain Ski Area

Yulong Snow Mountain Ski AreaYulong Snow Mountain in Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain Ski Resort is located Dong Lu, has been assessed from the United Nations as World Heritage Old Town of Lijiang is only 20 kilometers away from the Earth's equator are recent, warmest natural alpine skiing. Lijiang into a boundary, the first thing you can see it's pretty shiny silver shadow.

Standing on the ski slopes, you can also see the snow-capped landscape four weeks, the foot of Ganhaizi, black baishuihe, Yunshanping, Maoniuping and other panoramic view. On the ski slopes, you can get involved Xue-Hai, snow quality here is clean, crystal clear color, no pollution, catch the snow entrance, that fresh, clean feeling incomparable mountain on earth. You can also browse the wonders of modern glaciers, here is the complete types of glaciers natural museum. The color of aquamarine glaciers color, you stand the eastern edge of the ski slopes down to watch the upper glacier covered with snow, the edge hair green, but the middle is a blue. Its shape is irregular prismatic.

Ski at an elevation of 4500-4700 meters, four snow, 1,000 meters long from east to west, north to south width of 600 meters, and the snow quality is good, for four seasons skiing. A warm climate and a year for up to eight months (November - June) of snow most of China and the world. Yulong Snow Mountain ski tourism to carry out the project are: alpine skiing, skiing early (with ski instructor), snowmobile, snow, rubber bands, size sleigh and other snow entertainment.

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