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Home >> Thousand Turtle Hill travel information and tours

Thousand Turtle Hill

Thousand Turtle HillThousand Turtle Hill, located in Lijiang Yulong Naxi Autonomous County dawn Township, is China's largest ever found, the highest elevation of a magical Danxia landform area.

Turtle: Giant wind into scaly red rock round with a small bag to highlight, just looked like a turtle's back. Sleeping ghost: Chu tall red cliff, like a lying old head, people he called it Laojun alchemy. Ganoderma peak: standing opposite to see it, like a huge Buddha head, leaning cliff deemed a fungus. Valentine Column: thirty-meter-high pillars in the two embraced.

Ken returned from slag Luo Liming Street, on the west side middle school dawn hillside, along a quiet Hill road curved through Danxia rock peaks, about 1 hour, you will crawl to a large bare patches and wind into a giant squamous rock, which is Thousand Turtle Hill. It scales like a giant rock weathering, the formation of a unique landscape. First you see the Buddha peak, this huge standing Hill, the top of the weathering giant scales one turn of the spiral down, the lower half is crimson bare Hill, standing opposite to see it, like Buddha huge head, deemed a leaning cliff fungus, so it is also called Ganoderma peak. You climbs giant scales can be easily up to the summit, then to friends across your photos, spectacular matter. Buddha peak on the eastern side, you see the second view is thousands of turtle races. This is a large hill giant scales neatly arranged, each giant scales are crawling like a turtle, but look carefully, you will find hundreds of these slopes composed of only stone turtle, more deemed a huge turtle crawling, large and small turtle crawling tortoise direction is the sun rises due east. Because of this wonderful scenery here it was only referred to as Thousand Turtle Hill. Winter in the Thousand Turtle Hill look looking south, you can watch the snow far Laojunshan peak gold field. Thousand Turtle Hill there are cliffs, Dromedary isolated, flower, etc. Miaojing cliffs, it is worth careful pondering.

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