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Home >> Slate River travel information and tours

Slate River

Slate RiverSlate River Scenic Spot is located in Kunming, Yunnan Xundian County. Slate River tourist attractions in Green hills, dense forests, cool and famous gorge within 4 kilometers in length, the vegetation lush, towering cliffs, craggy rocks, floral four seasons, waterfalls flocks, upstream, bubble Cold Spring , water-skiing rush waterfall play, to bring you the most authentic mountain nature summer party.

Slate River tourist attractions everywhere tiny stream, a waterfall or in groups, so you can see they go from small to large streams waterfall. Multicolored Lake, Pearl waterfalls, waterfall lover, fairy pool, slate River Falls is a good place to celebrate the waterside. Water erosion slate smooth and delicate, light foot on top of any gurgling brook rinse before, moist feel, is really a good place to play in the water recreation.

You can also tour the colorful wooden boats paddled own lake, the fun in nature. Multicolored Tam lake clear, dense woods on both sides, thousands of birds inhabit the meantime. Rafting through this piece of quiet waters, surrounded by sounds of birds chirp Ming and the gurgling sound of water, like a stroll in the picture inside. The speedboat Recreation 15 km total length of Phoenix Lake, like into a southern landscape can be a full egrets fly, ducks swimming in the beautiful picture. In the evening, there are sweet intoxicating horns wine, authentic sheep chicken soup pot, steaming downtown campfire.

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