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Home >> Geothermal Garden trips and travel guide

Geothermal Garden

Geothermal GardenEnter Dali geothermal country park and had to wear three streams, bridges, reeds around - Suspected field countryside; landscaped layout natural and not cluttered, there are wild pastoral style, but also a modern, yet splendid simplicity. Garden centers have a diameter of 29 meters, 4 meters water depth, water temperature reached 88 degrees in a large roll pan, steaming, cloud steaming Xia Wei, let people in the hot springs, rich feel healthy culture, health culture and leisure culture. In housing construction, emphasizing prominent features and culture of traditional Bai ethnic minorities in Yunnan, fully reflects its casual watch, let people enjoy a taste of rich ethnic customs and cultural Dali.

32 distinctive open-air hot spring pools dotted among the reeds and flowers, looming shapes. There builds character, purify the soul of Yang Xin pool, physical fitness, skin beauty of drug pool, milk pool, and the fish will come to bite the foot of kiss fish spa house and so on, some shaped like a spa pool mountain stream - like childhood countryside paradise, some stone buildings surrounded by hot spring pools - like the Jade Pool Wonderland.

Geothermal country's most unique is the open-air hot spring pool that surrounds the reeds, and the body is immersed in the spring, in the swaying reeds chat joking, melt, such as yarn, such as branches of mist, life is really a great enjoyment. Each to dusk, geothermal country will appear Wan birds homing spectacle, filled the birds in the reeds together from all directions habitat. At this time, soak in warm spring spa, watching the birds fly, listening to the wind, frogs child, the sound of bird song synthesis of heaven and earth, body and mind has been completely blend with nature. At night, braving the moon, watching the stars, the heart naturally an enlightened and contented.

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