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Home >> Erhai Park travel guide and tours

Erhai Park

Erhai ParkErhai Park is located in the Erhai southern end, it is the first stop tour Erhai Lake Scenic Area. There is a hill in the park oval Gong, because the shape of the mountain and the locals called Mission Hill. In the 8th century, there was the king of Nanzhao deer farms, called interest Yongsan. Small groups of red deer in the mountains gnawing grass, Yo Yo Luming could be heard far and wide. Tang Fan Cheuk have Long enough deer thirty day fifty, group row gnawing grass are described in pretty book. Why it became Nanzhao royal Deer place? Ancient Lake, the waters are much broader than it is now, can be regarded as vastness Mission Hill was once an island at the southern end of Lake Erhai. Seawater is a natural mountain surrounding fence, red deer naturally the most effective care.

According to historical records, Nanzhao royal family then there are many other professional farms, such as horse ranch, farm, etc., professional products for Palace with Henry. With the change of the natural environment, Erhai waters gradually reduced (hopefully not to reduce it) past the island into the sea close to the ground, this projection of Gushan. Mountains entire group of more than 3,000 meters from east to west, north Zhi narrow at only about 400 meters into the east-west, and Diancang a vertical direction. The highest peak elevation of 2049 meters, the mountain is about 1971 meters above sea level sea. In December 1976, it was opened here Erhai Park, covering about 864 acres, 1065 acres of water area, wooded mountain foot, Pavilion, Taiwan, House, Terrace echo each other, has become the largest market in Dali market, facilities lower complete large-scale comprehensive park.

Erhai Lake, the water temperature in summer and winter, even when the most Ling also about 7 ¡æ, particularly suitable for winter swimming. Today, western Yunnan Erhai Park has become an important base for flower cultivation. Erhai Park by the sea outline Ting Zhang, swimming pool, Wanghai gallery, zoo, botanical garden, flower garden, Diaoyutai, playgrounds and other components.

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